Add a touch of colour to your life! Look fantastic and feel great!


 Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to own a unique piece of jewellery, crafted from beautiful Paua Shell. With our wide range of these colourful works-of-art bargain prices,you'll be spoiled for choice. Whether it's a personal treat,or as a gift for someone special,we have something for everyone. Our stylish collection includes both contemporary and classic designs for the fashion-conscious woman. Strikingly beautiful, the shells are also very tough, so that with only a little "TLC", your jewellery will last a lifetime.


Traditionally the Maori people of New Zealand believed that Paua held the energy of the sea.   Revered for their healing properties, the blue Paua shells are said to promote serenity and creativity,


Maoris still use the shells as "TAONGA"- treasure.  Now, we at Shoanna Design invite you to dip into our treasure trove of Paua.